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 I have been active in World War 2 flight combat sims for many years.  While I have tried a good number of combat sims, only a few have been able to deliver the realism I like.  These will be represented by links to thier own sections.

 The one exception will be Air Warrior.  The vast majority of AW sites and forums are long gone, only a few places out on the internet still remain, none of which I am familiar with.  Air Warrior left it's legacy on the gaming community but as with most things, the corporations saw little profit in supporting it, even though the Air Warrior community was extremely active at the time, and so "they" pulled the plug on it.

 It was in Air Arena that I got my first taste of multiplayer gaming, and it was also where I "earned" my callsign that I use even to this day.  The one thing I wanted to do, was fly a P-38 Lightning, and I joined a "squadron" in the hopes of being a great ace someday.  Unfortunately, they are tricky to fly, and I was a total rookie which made for a complete disaster.  My squadron was less than thrilled with me, and so most times I was "left on the bench" while they took off on CAP or escort missions. It was one of those times that I was left behind, that I decided to go to the lobby and pehaps talk to other pilots about learning to handle the P-38 better, so I could avoid ridicule and actually see some combat.  As it happened, there were only two pilots in there having a conversation, and after being in there for a while, they asked me why I wasn't in flying.  I explained to them my situation, and to my surprise, they offered to "take me up" for some practice.  I joined up on thier mission and found myself in a Messerschmitt Bf109, and discovered at that point in time that I was with the squadron leader and his number one...both of whom were great people, very patient and full of knowledge and as it turns out, they were the "enemy".  I took to the Bf109 naturally, and in no time at all, I was holding my own in mock battles, and it was then that I "jumped the fence" and flew with that group.  I went on to earn my callsign "GrauGeist" and became a high-scoring ace that I had wanted in the beginning!

 As for the rest of the games, I have always been GrauGeist of Jv13, but I rarely go to game servers anymore.  Alot has changed over the years, people aren't the always hear the typical arguing or crying foul when you get the better of them, or they accuse you of cheating, or whatever.  Seems like the newer crowd wants instant glory, and cannot accept the fact that thier demise was caused by thier lack of experience, inferior tactics, thier opponent had a better machine or a combination of each.  This leaves me to "multi" with friends, and we always have a great time running missions, and you never know how a mission will turn out, even if you've flown it many times in the past!

 I still frequent the communities, and have helped a number of folks with "mods", skins and missions, but these days I tend to be a bit more reclusive.

 There is a dedicated section for each game, and in there will be screen shots and a message archive that typically has screen shots, game information and the usual "smack-talking" amongst us.  I have also included a link at the end of the section's description that leads to a recommended online community for that particular game.

 Also, be sure to see my WWI skin adaptations for the Messerschmitt Bf109G2 in IL-2!

Air WarriorAir Warrior - The world's first true multiplayer community, it set the standard for the multiplayer gaming community that online games enjoy today.  I spent many hours on combat missions or "warnights".  And this is where my callsign, GrauGeist, was born...
Jane's WW2 FightersJane's WWII Fighters - released in 1998, it is the eppittamy of all that is a Combat Sim.  The advanced graphics and flight model were far ahead of it's time and I still enjoy jumping in and brawling over the wintery European skies of 1944.
  Be sure to visit Jane's WWII Fighter's Community
CFS2Combat Flight Simulator 2 - CFS2, as it's better known as, has many great qualitites for the combat entheusiast.  I'm pretty sure that CFS2 was one of the first combat sims that made it possible for the player to add third-party aircraft without having to sacrifice a "stock" aircraft in the list.  The one drawback to this game was being online and having an opponent unleash a "super mod" on you, that defied the laws of physics and was impossible to beat...boy I sure don't miss that crap...
  Visit Sim-Outhouse for the CFS2 community.
CFS3Combat Flight Simulator 3 - Despite it's bad publicity as being buggy, CFS3 offers the user a massive variety of addons in the way of missions, aircraft and standalone expansions.
  Visit Sim-Outhouse for all things CFS3, or AV History for a dedicated CFS3 community.
IL-2 SturmovikIL-2 Sturmovik - Oleg Maddox did a great job of bringing the Eastern Front to the sim community.  Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with some of the aircraft's performances, but the visuals can overcome that, along with player options that almost rival Jane's WW2 Fighters.
  For the IL-2 community, your best bet would be the Ubi forums
WWI Skin ProjectWWI Skins - World War 1 Skins I adapted to the Bf109G2 in IL-2 Sturmovik.  It took alot of time to do, but was a fun (and challenging) project!
MechwarriorMech Warrior 3 - Total 31st century warfare!  The Mechwarrior 3 game engine is legendary, and nothing since has equalled it.  The graphics and the game engine are far superior to the MW4 releases.  If Microsoft was smart, which they don't seem to be, they'd release new expansion packs for MW3 and give us continuity and they would make a'd be a win-win deal all around.
  Visit Mek Tek or for the Mech Community.
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