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Credits & Resources

While doing research for this project, I used a staggering amount of sources.  It should be noted that there is a tremendous amount of information about World War One, however, the vast majority of it is redundant, and there are large gaps in information for a number of reasons.

One of the causes of missing information would be due to the war itself.  Records were deliberately or inadvertanly destroyed as the war's fortunes shifted.  Another reason that artifacts or records were lost was due to the total devestation to property in the second World War.

There was also the ever-present confusion or conflicts of information caused by the heat of battle, and this has happened countless times throughout history.

And there is also the passage of time.  Memories fade away as does the warriors themselves.  Time robs the equipment of it's luster and papers fade to dust.  When I was born, World War One was only 40 years in the past and World War Two wasn't even 20.  As I write this, World War Two is over 60 years distant, and much like the information from World War One, if we don't preserve the information we have, it will be lost to memory.

Remember, World War One was the "War to end all wars"...

Below is a list of resources I used for this project, and perhaps you may find them of value for your project as well.
  • http://www.cbrnp.com - "History in Illustration", Great resource for artwork and information.
  • http://aces.safarikovi.com - "Air Aces", Valuable information resource on all air wars.
  • http://www.wingstrut.com - Huge image database with information.
  • http://www.internetmodeler.com - Large reference section as well as modeler's works on display.
  • http://www.wwiaviation.com - "Illustrated History", Great database and information.
  • http://hegewisch.net/blindkat/voss/voss.html - Dedicated to Werner Voss, 4th highest ace of Imperial Germany.
  • http://www.aspeterpan.com/book1/daqualcheparte.htm - Real detailed information...but in French...I think...
  • http://www.theaerodrome.com - "Aces and Aircraft of WWI", Good reference source.
  • http://www.airdromeaeroplanes.com - Actual aircraft builders, see thier reproduction option charts.
  • http://wwwipmsstockholm.org - Modeler's resource with an excellent color chart reference system.
  • http://wp.scn.ru - "Wings Palette", Super archive of aircraft images and information.
  • FCM Model Decal accessories - Nice details, fairly accurate.
  • T. Comeau artwork
  • Ronny Bar artwork
  • C. Roberts artwork
  • Robert Pearson artwork
  • Jim Alley artwork



Copyright Information

While this project involved skin templates for the game IL-2, the composition and layout of the WWI skins remain mine.

The combat simulation marketed as "IL-2 Sturmovik" and it's addon/expansion packs are the property of Oleg Maddox/1C Games and thier respective affiliates.  Any mention of "IL-2 Sturmovik" is solely for reference in association with the skinned aircraft portrayed in the screenshots displayed on this site.

Any other copyrighted material that was used in the production of the skins portrayed within this site belongs to thier respective owners in thier original image's entirety and any material used in the execution of the skins has been credited to thier respective sources in the Credits section.

The screenshots displayed on this site are the sole property of Netallurgy/StormBringer Grafix and will not be allowed to be reproduced on any any site, message board or any other medium, electronic or otherwise, without expressed, written consent.  No exceptions.




Every effort has been made to create authentic portrayals of the World War I aircraft "skins" to be layered over a World War II aircraft "frame".  To those purists who are not in agreement that this was a fun project, and should not have been attempted, my apologies...and lighten up a little...

To those history buffs that enjoyed these "skins" but found discrepancies "here and there", I apologize also...but I actually tried every effort to create as accurate profile as possible.  Remember, this was something I was doing in my spare time...something I really have very little of.

So that being said, these were done under the intentions of a hobby.  And as such cannot be held as an actual source of reference for educational or archival information.  These "skins" reflect the respective pilot's character and information based upon actual or third person accounts dating from and directly after, World War I (1914 - 1918).

Any original artwork used as a basis for the WWI skins remains the property of thier respective owners, however, just as my renditions were accomplished by using any of thier works as a source for mine, so to, did they use a source for thier works.

Unless of course, they were actually there in Europe during World War One...