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 A few years ago, I was working on some WWI skins for a flight combat sim.  During my research, I discovered that the Albatros had a fuselage that closely resembled the Messerschmitt Bf109.

 Being curious, I set about transferring an Albatros design onto a Bf109G-2, and it did fit remarkably well.  So much so, that I took the bulk of my WWI patterns, and began a collection of Bf109G-2 schemes for my IL-2 Sturmovik combat flight sim.

 At last count, I have well over 50 schemes completed, or in the final stages of completion, with about a dozen or so remaining.  This has taken me about 3 years to accomplish in my spare time.

 The bulk of the WWI skins are taken from the Fokker D.VII and the Albatros.  There are a good number of great schemes found on other aircraft though, and those are included in the collection.

 I have assembled the skins based on the pilots who flew the WWI aircraft, and there'll be a number of instances where the pilot will appear more than once.  There are a few aircraft that were either identified only by thier type, or by where they were assigned, and these will be found in the Aircraft list.

 The skins are based on research I have done over the years, and while every attempt for accuracy was made, the skins may vary for a number of reasons.  One of those will be colors and the main reason that the colors may be slightly off, is because the original aircraft have been gone for well over 80 years and unless the aircraft was recorded via artistic mediums, they were recorded with black & white photography.  Surviving aircraft or thier parts still don't have an accurate portrayal of the original colors because the wood and/or doped fabric have discolored with age.  Even though modern computers can come close to the actual colors, you'll still find slight variations in coloring between computers and thier displays.  In using the triplet coding (RGB), I have a better control over the color's accuracy than I would if using Hex colors.

 The lozenge patterns are taken from the original aircraft, but to apply them to the Bf109's wings, I had to take liberties in the sizing and orientation.  Many of the lozenge combinations were hand-made and I did find that there were inconsistancies between the actual aircraft, so I think that the public in general may forgive me for any errors. Any personal markings belonging to the aircraft's pilots were placed as accurately as possible, given the circumstances.

 There are a couple instances where I made non-historical schemes.  One is a checkered design I saw on an actual Fokker DR1 triplane reproduction and the other is based loosely on period schemes but with a Prussian cockade as national insignias.  During World War I, Prussia was more involved in providing ground troops and officers than it was on machinery.  The exception to this were the few Prussian pilots who did take to the skies.  You will find that the majority of these Prussian pilots had white on their machines, either on the tails or on the cowls.  I have yet to find if this was an official designation, or if it was just something they did as a personal sentiment.  Had the Germans used a "roundel" on thier aircraft like the British, French and other nations, it would have been based on the German cockade, which was a white circle bordered in black, having a red center.  The Prussian cockade was a white circle bordered in black with a black center, and this is what I used on my "personal" scheme based loosely on an Albatros D.V design.  These will all be found in the Aircraft list, below the Pilot list.

 The bottom line is, it was a fun project, and while it has historical representation, it can't be looked at as historically accurate.

 Please keep in mind that I spent quite a bit of effort to make my projects, and to place them on a website.  This being said, I ask that you do not copy these images and post them on other websites or message forums.  I also ask that you do not "hotlink" these images to other websites or message forums.  Instead, invite others to visit by posting this page's URL.


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